In Home Stations of the Cross

Here are some resources to experience the Stations of the Cross in your home with your family…


Print out these portable Stations and hang them up around your home. Print out the Way of the Cross booklet to conduct the stations yourself, OR use the video below and follow along!

After your family has completed your Stations, print out the cross at the bottom of the page, color it, and hang it in your home’s window with an inspirational message or Bible quote to help show your faith!

Also, we encourage you to take picture of your family experiencing the Stations and email them to for us to publish on our social media pages!














Looking for a more creative Stations of the Cross? Click the link below for coloring pages to be used!

Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages


Cross Coloring Page – Hang in your window with an inspirational message or Bible quote!

Some ideas…

22 Inspirational Bible Verses: Christian Quotes








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