Family Faith Formation Program FAQ

Changes from previous years:

  • We will be doing away with the separate programs that we ran: Accelerated Summer & Whole Family.  Going forward we took the best parts of both programs and combined them to run everything under one program: Family Faith Formation.
  • Children will have the opportunity to learn year round while still selecting a gathering time that works for their family.
  • Our gatherings will be similar to the gatherings that we ran under the Whole Family program: children at all levels learning together about a particular topic that enhances/builds upon their weekly lessons


  • All children will be enrolled in a gathering model.  This will just determine when you attend a gathering.  St. Michael & St. Joseph Gatherings are in person and for the children only with the exception of August 11th which is parent & child.  St. John & St. Clare gatherings are for the parent & child and we will offer a hybrid option for these models.  Select a gathering model that works best for your family based on availability, sports, vacations, etc.  Book lessons will not be taught during these gatherings instead they will be focused on a particular topic that enhances the lessons they will be learning throughout the year.
  • All gatherings will take place on the Swedesboro Campus utilizing the Church, Parish Hall, and grounds.  Final location details will be sent out closer to the start of the program.  Obviously, these locations are based on availability – for example if a funeral was to need the church on a Saturday Morning or weekday we would need to adjust.



  • All children will complete weekly lessons regardless of what gathering model they are in.  Lessons will be completed online through the new publisher.
  • All children in a particular level will all be assigned lessons at the same time.  For example all 1st graders will receive a lesson outline at the beginning of the year and no matter what gathering model you are in you will follow that lesson outline and complete the chapters assigned.
  • All lessons will be self contained in our new publisher’s portal – there will be readings, prayers, games, videos, and tests all included for every chapter!  They are even set up so that you can click a button and it will read everything on the page to the child!
  • For the younger children we will supply an additional activity book that includes some more hands on worksheets like coloring, word searches, etc.


Parish Family Events:

  • As of right now dates are tentative as it is only May and we are far out from the Fall.  Our events will be finalized as we get closer, but we are subject to building availability.  Weddings and Funerals can take precedents over us.


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