Family Gatherings – Family Faith Formation

Family Gatherings are held within the parish for families to have the opportunity to worship, celebrate and build relationships with fellow parishioners.  It is a time for families to grow in their faith with their community and this is the reason we only accept events held at St. Clare of Assisi Parish.  Family Gatherings are provided to you through the Office of Faith Formation.  We will be offering events throughout the school year.  All children are required to complete (7) Family Gatherings. August & September will be combined into one month as will February & March. Registration for all events is required so that we can be sure we have enough room and so that we know who to send the details to.  

Registration will open on the 1st of prior month (ex. August/September Events will be open for registration on July 1st).  Registration will be open for two weeks each month. At that time details on those events will be sent to the families that have signed up. If you are not signed up you will not receive the details on how to proceed.  To sign up for any event click the appropriate link below once sign ups open. Please sign up per family NOT per child.

Family Gatherings (7 Total)

Please remember to sign up once per family – we have the exact # of spots we need based on the # of families in the program! Thanks!

To make attendance simpler when signing up under first name please list all children attending. For last name please use the child(ren)’s last name!
Ex. First Name: James & Emma Last Name: Perrotto

2. October (Sign Ups open 9/1 @ 7 PM)

Cathedral Kitchen (October 15th @ 8:45 AM – 15 family spots) – NEW
All Saints Day Gathering (October 29th @ 8:45 AM – 40 family spots) – 1 Spot remaining

3. November (Sign Ups open 10/1 @ 7 PM)

Rosary at the Grotto (November 2nd @ 5:30 PM – 30 family spots)
Remembrance Mass (November 2nd @ 6:30 PM – 30 family spots)
Cathedral Kitchen Utensil Assembly (November 7th @ 6 PM – 20 family spots)
A Time of Watching & Waiting (November 19th @ 8:45 AM – 35 family spots)
Blessing Bag Assembly (November 19th @ 10: 45 AM – 20 family spots)
Sr. Bonnie Pillowcase/T-shirts (November 21st @ 6:00 PM – 30 family spots)
Prayer & Thanksgiving (November 28th @ 5:45 PM – 40 family spots)
Cathedral Kitchen Sandwich Making (November 28th @ 6:45 PM – 30 family spots)

4. December (Sign Ups open 11/1 @ 7 PM)

Advent Prayer Service (December 5th @ 6:30 PM – 110 family spots)
Advent Prayer Service (December 6th @ 6:30 PM – 110 family spots)
Advent Christmas Concert (December 11th @ XX PM – 20 family spots)

5. January (Sign Ups open 12/1 @ 7 PM)

6. February/March (Sign Ups open 1/9 – due to Holiday @ 7 PM)

7. April (Sign Ups open 3/1 @ 7 PM)

1. August/September (Completed)



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