Baptism Registration Form

Baptism Registration Form

Child(ren) to be Baptized – please use ADD button for multiple

Child’s Full Name
Child's Full Name
Home Address
Home Address
Was the child baptized privately in a hospital or elsewhere?
Birth Father’s Name
Birth Father's Name
Birth Mother’s Name
Birth Mother's Name
Are you a registered parishioner of St. Clare of Assisi Parish?
Church Attendance

Godparent(s) – you may have up to 2 Godparents. Please used ADD button to add second Godparent.

Godparent’s Full Name
Godparent's Full Name
Do you know the Religion of your Godparent?
Did this Godparent receive the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, First Eucharist & Confirmation?
Is this Godparent Registered at St. Clare of Assisi Parish?
I understand this Godparent will need to obtain a signed and sealed Sacramental Sponsorship Certificate from their home Parish. Godparents registered here at St. Clare of Assisi can come into the office to get this completed.
I understand this Godparent will need to obtain a Letter of Good Standing from their Church if possible to stand as a Christian Witness to the Baptism. I also understand I will still need the second Godparent to be a Fully Initiated Catholic.

Siblings – please use ADD button to input additional children

Child’s Name
Child's Name

Parish Office Use Only

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