4 pm class Virtual Sign up – Level 6

In addition to the already scheduled class, I am adding a 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm virtual class on Monday, November 16nd for Level 6 students.  The class will be available to the first 25 students who sign up. Anyone who doesn’t sign up will be required to attend the 5:45 pm class where there are no sign ups required.

Your child should have completed Lesson 3 in their Chosen book and the WATCH IT page uploaded for this class. 

Class will begin promptly at 4 pm and the room will close at 4:05 pm. If your child is not here by that time, your child will need to attend the 5:45 pm virtual gathering.

Your child MAY NOT take this call from a car or outside. They should be sitting at a place in your home where they can be present and participate in the gathering. This is for all the gatherings.

If the class goes well, I may continue with this option for the rest of the year.  If I do continue, there will be another sign up so other students can have the opportunity to attend an earlier gathering.

Sign ups will close when I reach 25 students.  I understand this is a virtual gathering but I would like to limit the number of students on so it is manageable and everyone has a chance to participate. Please do not ask me to add your child once the sign ups are full.

I will be your child’s facilitator for all virtual classes at this time.

A zoom link will be sent on Monday 11/16 with guidelines for the class.


Thank you!

LINK BELOW will open up at 7 pm tonight!


Virtual sign up 4 pm class

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